Welcoming Fall

I’ll be honest, this summer was one of the best times of my life. I haven’t felt so free, so happy, and so grateful to be alive in years. I am so glad I started to work less; I’d rather have a mind full of memories over a pocket full of cash any day. It was hard to make that decision- but I can’t even explain how much I really needed that time to myself. I spent my summer running around- constantly moving from one place to another, and I loved it! I’m the kind of person that LOVES to stay busy. Unfortunately with that being said I did seem to neglect my blog a bit- many apologies to you lovelies who stop by time to time! But tis the season- my very favorite fashion season of all- so I am back with an intention to stay on top of it! I feel very refreshed this fall, and look forward to being very organized and informative!

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Fresh Start;



            I guess I should start off by introducing myself. Rainbow hair, unusual clothing, an obsession with the outdoors, an addiction to concerts, and a constant desire for caffeine. My name is Dylan Rose Muller, named after Dylan Thomas. I’m a wearer of too many rings and an owner of too many Goodwill Grandpa sweaters. I’ve been on this rotating earth since August 13 1994, which is about 20 years, or 242 months, 1,056 weeks, or 7,394 days. I was raised in Neptune, New Jersey, down at the shore points; exit 100b off of the NJ Parkway.

I can’t thank my parents enough for raising me in such an amazing area of Jersey. I’m a beach kid at heart, nothing is more soothing than sand in my toes and salt water on my skin.


When I’m not working, or in school, and the weather isn’t great for a solid beach day, you can be sure to find me thrifting for some treasures. What I like most about thrifting is that the possibilities are limitless and extremely unique to each store. In the home goods sections you find boxes filled with surprises, you never know what could be inside until you open them. There are things that had a past, items that were loved, that need new homes and new purposes. Sometimes you find records, leather jackets, expensive bags for super cheap; while sometimes you can find old photo albums, hand-knit sweaters, “Happy First Christmas” ornaments from so long ago. Whether you leave with a bag full of goodies or nothing at all, a trip to a thrift store is always an adventure.

Just yesterday I went thrifting with my Mom, who came up north to pay me a visit. We had some brunch and headed out to a Goodwill in Fairfield. After sorting through the apparel out of the corner of my eye I spotted the gold I had been anticipating.




This jacket was mine the second I laid eyes on it. On the inside there is an authentic patch from the Chelsea House of Fashion in London; the leather, suede, and fur all originate in the U.K. as labeled. I wish I could find the name of this coat to find it’s worth- I’m going to have my textiles professor take a look at it and give me an estimate.

I plan on pairing it with neutrals and light textures. Today I went with a Penny Lane inspired look with crisp fall colors. I wore a pair maroon BDG flares from Urban Outfitters, and a textured thermal with patchwork sleeves from Free People. It was sort of a lazy Monday for me, but with a statement piece the rest of my outfit didn’t have to be so loud. Stay tuned for some more looks, and please let me know if I have inspired you in the slightest!!


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