>> duke farms, nj <<


Believe it or not, about an hour or so from the Jersey Shore, there is a magical little land called Duke Farms. It consists of an Orchid greenhouse, trails for walking that are decorated with statues, remains of mansions, and what once was a ton of fountains. The building upon entrances operates with incredible environmental consciousness and has a little organic cafe´. Mike and I planned on going snowboarding one day, but the conditions weren’t looking too great- we decided to go somewhere we had never been before, and I could not be happier with our adventure. Check this place out.

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Brown Allan, an up and coming brand that uses luxurious fabrics including cashmere blends had me come to the city to do a shoot. Not only is the team incredible, the product is what I call indescribable perfection. Here are a few of the looks:


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One warehouse, over 300 exhibitors, inspiration, and brilliant insights on whats to come in the world of fashion. Thanks to the magical Kate Jacobsen from Kenwerks Fashion Creative Marketing Firm, I was able to attend the Premiere Vision global textile event for North American fashion professionals. At this event I was able to experience the aura of the quickly approaching Spring Summer 2017 fashion season through fabrics, accessories, textile designs, color trends, and the newest addition of leathers.

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