Change is in the Air

Hey All!

Firstly I have to apologize. I have not posted in quite a while, I’ve had some significant changes occur in my life recently and had to sort out some ideas. I have also recently been working on updating the site, but that’s still in the works. So as many of you know, I have worked for Free People for just about two years now. I was promoted to the Full Time Assistant Store Manager this summer, which was more than an honor to me. I have become so immersed in this business and this company, and wish to continue on this career path. However, I may have forgotten about the fact that I was also a 20 year old full time student. Needless to say, it became entirely too difficult to balance a job that requires such intense commitment and also trying to not only pass 5 classes but take as much information from them as possible. So I had to make a decision, and I chose to take time off of work. I have to say, this was certainly one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make. I had received the job I had dreamt about, it felt so surreal, and I had to give it up.

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Sunday kinda love

Ah, there really is nothing better than Sundays. The week is done, and a brand new week is on its way! This Sunday I did not feel like stepping foot outside, instead I decided to take a nice hot shower, drink some tea, use some of my favorite new products, and stay extra cozy.

I recently purchased this robe from free people, and I strongly suggest that every woman owns a robe. Seriously so comfortable and easy for a relaxing day home.

Sundays are the best days to create goals for yourself, to start new and fresh! Love yourself and love your space! I always find myself doing some extra cleaning on sundays because it brings me into the new week feeling fresh. I also like to do a face mask on Sundays, my sister recently bought me this gem.

It makes my skin feel incredibly smooth and smells great!! Another recent obsession of mine is the Volcano Soap from Anthroplogie- I recently bought the soap and needed to buy the room spray as well. The smell of this product is UNREAL!! Definitely check it out. Today’s outfit was simple and cozy, and I feel ready to face the new week!