>> duke farms, nj <<


Believe it or not, about an hour or so from the Jersey Shore, there is a magical little land called Duke Farms. It consists of an Orchid greenhouse, trails for walking that are decorated with statues, remains of mansions, and what once was a ton of fountains. The building upon entrances operates with incredible environmental consciousness and has a little organic cafeĀ“. Mike and I planned on going snowboarding one day, but the conditions weren’t looking too great- we decided to go somewhere we had never been before, and I could not be happier with our adventure. Check this place out.

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A Tiny Post for Tiny Devotions

I had the opportunity to work with Tiny Devotions once again, they are a company I continue to grow to admire with incredible products. The quality and intention behind each piece is unique and meaningful. I received a piece from the soon to come, “Wanderlust Collection” which features 16 pieces based on 16 of the most magical places around the world. The bracelet I received was intended to represent Vancouver, a coastal dreamland in British Columbia. This bracelet captures the colors of Vancouver; the beautiful blue oceans paired with the shining white cityscape.

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Simple with a touch of boho

Today I went with a simple white thermal, paired with my new denim obsession from Free People.

I don’t normally wear scarves inside, I don’t really have any. But this amazing piece is actually a kimono. Wednesdays are usually my heaviest day of work, so I like to be able to be comfortable and work quickly. By wearing the kimono as a scarf, it’s much easier to get work done.

I hope you all had a happy Wednesday! tomorrow I have a day full of school and work, so I may not be able to post, but if I do expect it to be a little later in the evening!

Rainy Monday

I’m not the biggest fan of the weather, so I’m trying to channel some spring vibes today. I wore a slip with ripped denim, and my big cozy flannel.


If you’re stuck with the bad weather blues head over to lush and anthropologie to pick up some lovely smelling soaps and lotions. Sometimes you just need to take some extra time from your day for yourself with pleasant smelling amenities.


I hope you all have had a wonderful start to your week! remember what you give a day is what you get out of a day; start your day with positive energy and your day will be filled with joy.

Sunday kinda love

Ah, there really is nothing better than Sundays. The week is done, and a brand new week is on its way! This Sunday I did not feel like stepping foot outside, instead I decided to take a nice hot shower, drink some tea, use some of my favorite new products, and stay extra cozy.

I recently purchased this robe from free people, and I strongly suggest that every woman owns a robe. Seriously so comfortable and easy for a relaxing day home.

Sundays are the best days to create goals for yourself, to start new and fresh! Love yourself and love your space! I always find myself doing some extra cleaning on sundays because it brings me into the new week feeling fresh. I also like to do a face mask on Sundays, my sister recently bought me this gem.

It makes my skin feel incredibly smooth and smells great!! Another recent obsession of mine is the Volcano Soap from Anthroplogie- I recently bought the soap and needed to buy the room spray as well. The smell of this product is UNREAL!! Definitely check it out. Today’s outfit was simple and cozy, and I feel ready to face the new week!


Cozy textures and Knee High How-To’s

This week has been a long one, but it ended on an amazing Saturday of work at Woodcliff, tea, and finally getting home to my heated blanket. I was feeling pretty inspired by the sunrise this morning, which is what I used to create day two of my outfit challenge:


Long tunics can sometimes look overwhelming, try tying it or tucking it in on the side with a delicate mini.


I absolutely love thigh high socks, I usually pair slouchy socks with knee-high boots, knee-highs that stay tight to your legs look great with high boots, as well as little booties too!!


Have a wonderful night! join me tomorrow for a day full of face masks, my favorite smelling soaps, and cozy sweaters.

Outfit Challenge!!

I am very excited to announce that I will be doing an outfit challenge for the month of January! I will be posting daily on my Instagram, and hopefully as much as possible on here!

If there are any outfits on my Instagram that aren’t featured on my blog that you are interested in knowing more about please let me know!

Today’s outfit had a cozy bohemian feel:


On top I am wearing the open shoulder pullover by Free People- one of my new favorites, which I am sure will serve as a wonderful transition piece when spring finally arrives. I try to get the most possible use out of every item I purchase, so that I can wear it throughout as many seasons as possible.


I’m a sucker for some layering, even when it comes to jewelry. Love these FP necklaces, the shield layering necklace is even on sale, and you can find my little choker friend here.


These pants are basically my spirit animal.

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