A Quick Peek In My Home

When the weather starts getting colder, the sun begins to set faster, and as stress between work, school, and the holidays approach, there is nothing more important than creating your own private getaway. Here is a little view of my peaceful resort, and easy DIY projects to get the same cozy vibe in your home!


When the world gets stressful it’s important to fill your room with a positive energy where you can relax; You deserve a moment to appreciate your life, even when things get difficult. In order to achieve maximum coziness make sure to look for earth-tones and cozy textures. Adding lace over your windows adds a delicate touch, and when the sun sets you get amazing lace shadows all over, I found mine at an amazing thrift store in Manasquan, NJ!


My makeshift bed is the most comfortable thing I have ever owned. You would never believe this king sized cozy monster is actually two twin beds, layered with two king sized mattress pads, on top of four palettes that my mom and I grabbed off of the side of the road!! Adding autumn colors gives the room a calming aspect.


One thing I cannot stress enough about creating the ultimate zen room is the smell! I have so many candles and different types of incense, but the most important thing I own in search of soothing scents is my Lavender Pillow Spray, only about $8 from your local Walgreens. A few sprays of this bad boy on your pillows ensures a night of solid (and extra cozy) sleep.


Don’t be afraid to use your accessories as easy (and easily accessible) decorations! A few nails in the wall about two inches apart and you’ve got the perfect display case. I always try to get a down to earth feel in my room by bringing the outdoors inside; plants alive, dead, and fake alike. To have some life in your room promotes positive energy and growth.


With all of that being said, my best advice if you’re in the need of a new look is keep you’re eyes out! Almost all of my room was from trash-picked gold on the side of the road, or picked up at a thrift store. You’d be surprised what people are willing to throw out. Expect to see a post soon about the many wonders my roommates and I have found to furnish our home!

I hope you all find peace in your homes and make it through this stressful season with all of the coziness in the world!