Simple with a touch of boho

Today I went with a simple white thermal, paired with my new denim obsession from Free People.

I don’t normally wear scarves inside, I don’t really have any. But this amazing piece is actually a kimono. Wednesdays are usually my heaviest day of work, so I like to be able to be comfortable and work quickly. By wearing the kimono as a scarf, it’s much easier to get work done.

I hope you all had a happy Wednesday! tomorrow I have a day full of school and work, so I may not be able to post, but if I do expect it to be a little later in the evening!

Back to School!


Ah, I love a fresh new year, new classes, and new notebooks. There’s just something about cracking open a new journal and writing out some color coded notes!! Today was my first day back, and I am more than thrilled with them thus far!! For my first day back, I went with comfy and cool, with easy layering. My classrooms are always so warm, but it’s still so freezing out! My big sweater kept me warm, but in my classes I was comfortable in just my flannel.

Both my sweater and flannel were thrifted goods. I have never found better flannels than those that I have scored at a thrift store.

These are one of the very first pants I purchased from free people a few years ago. Love printed denim, it helps switch it up a bit. I get tired of wearing jeans day after day in the cold, so I’m always up for something different.


happy Tuesday loves!!

What a week!!

I’ve been completely busy this week and have barely had time to post!! So sorry for those of you who have been keeping up with my outfits! I have a few photos for ya, here’s my outfits from the past week.

On Tuesday I wore an old shirt of my moms, which is about 20 something years old!! I can’t believe how similar it is to what my store is putting out this spring season.

Tuesday’s are sometimes very long days for me, so I threw on some comfy flares with pointed booties.


Wednesday I had the pleasure of wearing the world’s most amazing velvet flares. I adore velvet, and the fact that these bad boys are wide legs was a match made in heaven. A co-worker of mine brought it free people catalogs from years ago, so we were trying to channel our inner old school freep this week. We saw these flares in the catalog and I went nuts over them- it turns out she owned them but doesn’t wear them anymore and gave them to me!!!! I am so lucky to be able to work with such incredible human beings every day. I paired them with a plain v-neck tee and my trusty denim jacket.

Thursday I was so darn busy I didn’t snag a photo of my outfit. Sorry guys !!!
I was able to catch one pic of my outfit Friday though!


One of my favorite looks, shorts with rights, ripped up white tees, flannels and denim. It’s a nice way to layer and stay super warm, but look a little more edgy than usual.

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to stay cozy in my pj’s all day, and I’m intending on doing the same today!! I’ll be talking to you all soon!! As always, thanks for reading!

Welcoming the New Year With an Open Heart and an Open Mind

I am a little more than grateful to say 2014 was a very significant year for me. I learned so much this year, and I learned mostly, do what you love, with love. 

Photo - Erica Muller

Throughout this holiday season I was able to spend some time back home, while it wasn’t too much time it meant the world to me. It was such a calm, peaceful time. I was very thankful to be surrounded by the people I love, and was so excited to give them christmas gifts to show them how much I care about them all! I believe presentation is key, so this year I decided to try a new gift-wrapping idea.


DIY Time!

What you need:

  • Burlap (I got two 5 yard rolls!)
  • Ribbon of your choice. (Look for a ribbon with wire in it)
  • Fake flowers
  • Fake Pinecones
  • Wood-Burner
  • Tree Stumps (you can go to your local Christmas Tree shop and ask for a few! You might get some funny looks but it’s worth it!! I also found wooden gift tags at Anthropologie which worked amazing!)


The rest is pretty simple!! Cut the burlap into sections that are about triple the size of whatever it is you are wrapping, roll the gift in the burlap lengthwise, and tuck the edges around the item, no tape needed!! Then, however you so choose, wrap the ribbon and add some foliage.


The advantage to using burlap is that it has wholes in it, so you can stick the branches into the fabric. I used the ribbon with wire in it as another form of closure, in the back I twisted the two edges of the ribbon, which helped with the overall security of the wrapping.


I recently got a wood burner and CAN NOT stop using it!! It took a little getting used to, but it isn’t too tough for doing little things like this! Please keep in mind you  have to be super careful with wood burners, they get HOT!!! Make sure you use absolute caution. If you can’t get around to buying yourself a wood-burner, a pen works just as well.


The above photo is wood-burned onto the wooden gift tags from Anthropologie, but it also looks very lovely on natural wood stumps too!! I made this as an ornament/ gift tag for my sister and her boyfriend.


Aside from the presents and pretty wrapping, the true gift of the holidays is recalling upon everything that happened in one whole year; celebrating accomplishments and setting goals with your loved ones. Needless to say I am a very lucky girl, to live on this earth among so many amazing people. In this life we are able to do what we love, whenever we want. We can be around incredible, inspiring humans and share ideas and memories, and make new ones together. I feel so appreciative lately, and so excited to be alive, and if you don’t yet- I hope that’s your New Year’s resolution. Be excited to wake up for work, to watch the sun rise, meet new people, learn new things and explore your world. Enjoy your life, every single moment of it.



Thanksgiving & Then Some

Phew, what a week! Between Thanksgiving festivities and Black Friday I was non-stop running around every day! I can’t begin to express how amazing it was to be home and see my family, my dogs, and friends that have gone away for school. While I was only home for one day, it meant the world to me. Look at these cute little faces!

 Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Up above is Ziggy, and down below is Angel!
Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Angel has been getting older- it’s always tough seeing your dogs get old, especially when you remember seeing that little puppy when you were just a little pup yourself! I felt very lucky to spend some time with this incredible girl.

My mom is my biggest inspiration- by far. I love the way she has our house decorated. She makes every corner extra cozy!


She always finds vintage knick-knacks, with earth tones; things like old books and vintage-looking dishes.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetShe’s been adding more and more plants to her little in-door garden. I remember sitting in front of that window when it gets cold out because the sun shines so brightly right there- it warms up the entire room!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

If there’s one thing my mother taught me, it was to always have Buddha statues all over! They bring in such a positive energy!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

This house makes me feel like a little kid again, so many cute goofy little things that make me smile fill each and every room.


Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

We feasted and laughed and ended our day with embarrassing home videos of me being the goofy little girl I am at heart.


Thursday went by faster than I could imagine- and then I was thrown into a very busy (and very successful) Black Friday! The day was amazing and the incredible team at Woodcliff lake brought so much food- this entire weekend my tummy was a little more than full!


Black Friday is supposed to be the most stressful day of Retail all year round. Yeah, I was very nervous to work. I always work Black Friday but this was my first time working as a Manager, and being in a new store only added to my nervousness. Boy was I wrong- Black Friday was the opposite of stressful, we all had a blast! Customers as well as employees were having fun, playing dress-up, buying gifts, and treating themselves!


I’m cheating a little, this outfit featuring the DYLAN Turtleneck by Free People (It’s literally called the Dylan turtleneck, I was obligated to get it myself), was the day after Black Friday, but I was too busy to snap a photo of Friday’s outfit!!


Bye for now from myself, and some of team 870!


First Day on the Job

Today I was lucky enough to experience my first day at Woodcliff Lake. The store is absolutely breathtaking, and I could not be more thrilled to become a part of this extremely talented team. Everyone worked so hard today, I am more than impressed! I mean really, take a look at this:

I just wanted to share my first outfit for Woodcliff, let me know what you think! I recently splurged on this jacket from Free People and I do not regret it one bit. This jacket is lightweight but incredibly warm and is thin enough to fit underneath a winter coat.

I paired my Lace Dress with a thermal underneath my favorite sweater. I wanted to channel very comfortable bohemian vibes. My amazing best friend (slash soon to be roommate!!) Brandi gave me that incredible necklace for my birthday! (I’m one lucky chick)

On the bottom I did my trusty boots and knee-high socks ! I was super cozy today- it has been so cold out all week! I am not prepared for this cold weather just yet.

Overall, today was an incredible day and I am excited to share my experiences with you all! Stay tuned for more outfits and diy projects soon to come!

(sorry for the mirror selfie)