Denim? Every color // paired with leather? Always // wearing brown with black? Indeed // fringe? Forever //

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One warehouse, over 300 exhibitors, inspiration, and brilliant insights on whats to come in the world of fashion. Thanks to the magical Kate Jacobsen from Kenwerks Fashion Creative Marketing Firm, I was able to attend the Premiere Vision global textile event for North American fashion professionals. At this event I was able to experience the aura of the quickly approaching Spring Summer 2017 fashion season through fabrics, accessories, textile designs, color trends, and the newest addition of leathers.

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Inspiration Journal

Today I had a spontaneous thrifting adventure with my mom. We talked about huge fashions and trends from years before- things her and her friends would look for, make, and obsess over. After shopping around with her we found some great pieces- but we came home feeling extra inspired. We went into my attic to find some of her old favorites. Then she showed me these bad boys.

That’s right- Ferragamo Heels. She thrifted them years back for One dollar and ninety-nine cents. People really don’t know what they’re getting rid of.

She showed me this top- Suede nude button down with a pinkish tone. It matched the shoes perfectly. This season I vote the deeper the V the better. Leave those buttons undone!

I paired the outfit up with Free People Destroyed Ankle Skinnies and was ready to go. This look felt effortless but classic. Can’t wait to get more outfits with these amazing shoes!

Until next time.