Back to School!


Ah, I love a fresh new year, new classes, and new notebooks. There’s just something about cracking open a new journal and writing out some color coded notes!! Today was my first day back, and I am more than thrilled with them thus far!! For my first day back, I went with comfy and cool, with easy layering. My classrooms are always so warm, but it’s still so freezing out! My big sweater kept me warm, but in my classes I was comfortable in just my flannel.

Both my sweater and flannel were thrifted goods. I have never found better flannels than those that I have scored at a thrift store.

These are one of the very first pants I purchased from free people a few years ago. Love printed denim, it helps switch it up a bit. I get tired of wearing jeans day after day in the cold, so I’m always up for something different.


happy Tuesday loves!!


What a week!!

I’ve been completely busy this week and have barely had time to post!! So sorry for those of you who have been keeping up with my outfits! I have a few photos for ya, here’s my outfits from the past week.

On Tuesday I wore an old shirt of my moms, which is about 20 something years old!! I can’t believe how similar it is to what my store is putting out this spring season.

Tuesday’s are sometimes very long days for me, so I threw on some comfy flares with pointed booties.


Wednesday I had the pleasure of wearing the world’s most amazing velvet flares. I adore velvet, and the fact that these bad boys are wide legs was a match made in heaven. A co-worker of mine brought it free people catalogs from years ago, so we were trying to channel our inner old school freep this week. We saw these flares in the catalog and I went nuts over them- it turns out she owned them but doesn’t wear them anymore and gave them to me!!!! I am so lucky to be able to work with such incredible human beings every day. I paired them with a plain v-neck tee and my trusty denim jacket.

Thursday I was so darn busy I didn’t snag a photo of my outfit. Sorry guys !!!
I was able to catch one pic of my outfit Friday though!


One of my favorite looks, shorts with rights, ripped up white tees, flannels and denim. It’s a nice way to layer and stay super warm, but look a little more edgy than usual.

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to stay cozy in my pj’s all day, and I’m intending on doing the same today!! I’ll be talking to you all soon!! As always, thanks for reading!

Rainy Monday

I’m not the biggest fan of the weather, so I’m trying to channel some spring vibes today. I wore a slip with ripped denim, and my big cozy flannel.


If you’re stuck with the bad weather blues head over to lush and anthropologie to pick up some lovely smelling soaps and lotions. Sometimes you just need to take some extra time from your day for yourself with pleasant smelling amenities.


I hope you all have had a wonderful start to your week! remember what you give a day is what you get out of a day; start your day with positive energy and your day will be filled with joy.

Pocono weekend!

Hey all! Sorry I was lame the past two days and didn’t get a chance to post, but I was extra busy packing for my mini-vacation this weekend with my darlin’ Nicky. We headed up after work Friday, but before I left I was sure to snap a few photos of my outfit:


This big scarf is actually a wrap, and it is the most comfortable blanket shawl sweater scarf in the world.


I layered up underneath with a tight thermal with a sleeve detail and a flowy top over it.


paired with a simple choker, jeans, and my favorite knee high boots.


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Layering Tips

There’s nothing better than layers in weather like this. Transitioning from indoors to outdoors and back becomes a major hassle when trying to dress.


I think the perfect outfit is one with layers- that way you can take some extra off if you’re too hot and have some backup if the temperature drops. Every well layered outfit needs a good slip.


You don’t always need to wear pants with an outfit like this- tights and knee high socks are a good alternatives, but today’s snowy weather called for a solid pair of distressed denim.


It’s pretty tough to find good denim, I always turn to BDG, or One Teaspoon. This pair is by BDG from Urban Outfitters.


Throw your favorite sweater up top, and there you have it. Cozy, comfy, cute.


Maybe birks and socks weren’t the best ideas for a snowy day… but what can I say? They’re my favorite.