One warehouse, over 300 exhibitors, inspiration, and brilliant insights on whats to come in the world of fashion. Thanks to the magical Kate Jacobsen from Kenwerks Fashion Creative Marketing Firm, I was able to attend the Premiere Vision global textile event for North American fashion professionals. At this event I was able to experience the aura of the quickly approaching Spring Summer 2017 fashion season through fabrics, accessories, textile designs, color trends, and the newest addition of leathers.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 11.33.37 AM

Upon arriving I was taken back by the immensity of this event; the energy was buzzing and inspiration was at an all time high. Orders for the newest, must have fabrics to come raised excitement for the future; creative minds were quickly working and collaborating under one big roof. After meeting with Kate, she introduced me to John Jones who took me on a tour around the show. Jones is the Vice-President of Kenwerks, and I cannot stress enough what a pleasure it was to meet the two of them. The spirit radiating from Jones was contagious to say the least, it was clear to see this man has an effervescent passion that drives his intuition. As we walked through the show he intelligently highlighted the concepts coming through the Spring/ Summer season of 2017, including the emphasis on embellishments bringing colors forward. Recently, we have been seeing a trend in monochromatic detailing, with a focus on muted tones, it is certainly exciting to see color coming back into our lives, as well as the simplicity of it coming solely from embellishments. The zeitgeist is shifting towards an increasingly positive era and the brighter details of life are sneaking into fashion.

There is a modern take on vintage designs. The quality of detail on vintage pieces is what has my heart, and to see this coming back into our modernized world with a new spin on it feels very smart. These designs are timeless- a bold take, both subtle and loud.

These two both belong to SimonaB

There is a nod to the victorian era which can be seen in the detail choices of so many of these vendors. The world of fashion is the culmination of both the attention to history and the desire for innovation. Creative minds take pieces from the past and the mood of the present to create who we will be in the future. History repeats itself in fashion, this is true, but each time better, stronger, and smarter than the last.


Color speaks magnitudes about a season. The stories created by color doesn’t only define the season, it also represents the current era, the spirit of the times, the general mood of the world around us. With Spring/Summer 17′ approaching I am highly anticipating the exciting shades of colors we will be experiencing!


Crimson, Raw Red, Carotene, Tech Bone, Dermis, Rose Tartare


Tannic Vapor, Oxygenated Violet, Chlorine Sky, Immature Blue,

Sage Crystal, Plastic Quartz, Iris Ash, Solitary Blue

Energizing Brights, Colorful Pales, Grating NotesIMG_1062

Doping Green, Jade Evanescence, Detox Orange,

Yellow Luminescence, Egg Jelly, Rosy Opalescence, Digitalis


Several phrases were created to represent the future trends we will be experiencing.


Totemic, Precise, Radiance, Hypnotic… Words like that make you feel something. These phrases were designated to a section, table, or box, represented by textiles, designs, accessories, and leathers. The phrases were artistically described throughout the display with a strong sense of clarity. Though no photography of this section was allowed, the inspiration that was gained from those images in my mind will surely stick around.



So guys, this is kind of a big deal… like a BIG deal…


Meet the Arapaima, also known as the Pirarucu, also also known as the most captivating leather I have ever seen. This giant monster-looking beauty is home to the Amazon, and made it’s way to NYC to debut some unique fashion statements. I can’t say that I own all too much in the way of leather, but I can say I would love to invest in something that looks like this:

John Jones introduced me to the concept earlier into the show, so I knew I would be stopping by the Novakaeru exotic leathers stand for some more information. They can get up to 9.8 feet tall, which means they have beautifully textured leather scales for days. Click here to view more colors and finishes.


It was, unfortunately, prohibited to take photographs of the work of the famous Atelier, Jean-Piere Ollier. His work was something I have never seen- it was an artistic large scale moment, giant denim dresses, coats, and creations were suspended from the ceiling, each intricately detailed with copper. The sculptural presentation consisted of artwork including Denim and Copper Cutout Ribbons with Ultra Matte Coatings, couture pleats with copper and silk yarns, Pleats with Tarred & Traces of Copper, and Armhole interior enhanced with copper (my favorite). I have never desired a denim jacket lined with copper, but now my heart aches for something even half as beautiful. The copper looked so organic and natural against the dark shade of denim; it looked luxurious and humble, it looked like magic.

Though I was unable to take photographs, I was able to find this video which goes into detail about this masterpiece.



You can use that link just above to check out something really amazing that is happening in New York. Domestic manufacturing is more beneficial than outsourcing in so many ways- you have the freedom of quick alterations and the ability to oversee manufacturing, while also avoiding high transportation costs, as well as supporting possible illegal, harmful or hazardous work conditions known to be ever-so-popular overseas. Manufacture New York is intended to aid startup, independent designers at an affordable cost, and bring manufacturing back to the states, it was really something interesting to learn about and made me hopeful for the future, maybe someday I’ll start my own brand with the help of Manufacture New York.


I really could not have been more ecstatic to experience such a show, I am endlessly thankful to Kate for allowing me to take a part in this inspiration, John for sharing his insight with me and showing me around, and of course my love, Mike, for joining me on this adventure and all of those that we go on, there’s nothing like doing something you care about with your best friend. I hope you all are as equally excited as I am to see what is to come in the near future of fashion, and if you get the chance to visit a trade show any time soon I urge you to go, and learn, and indulge yourself in the magnitude of it all. Enjoy these photos!

Thanks for checking out my post, stay tuned for more fashion coming your way!

As always, let me know what you think!


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