A Tiny Post for Tiny Devotions

I had the opportunity to work with Tiny Devotions once again, they are a company I continue to grow to admire with incredible products. The quality and intention behind each piece is unique and meaningful. I received a piece from the soon to come, “Wanderlust Collection” which features 16 pieces based on 16 of the most magical places around the world. The bracelet I received was intended to represent Vancouver, a coastal dreamland in British Columbia. This bracelet captures the colors of Vancouver; the beautiful blue oceans paired with the shining white cityscape.


Along with this bracelet, this wonderful company provided me with a journal, one in which I will create and record ideas. Journaling has always been one of my favorite ways to pass the time. I began journaling as a young girl, and love that I can look back up to six or seven years and know exactly how I was feeling at the time. There is something liberating about seeing an old journal, and remembering past emotions. We see how far we have come from those times of our lives, as well as all that is the same and different.


This inspiring little notebook will be where I will be creating inspiration boards ranging from words to photos to doodles; quickly jotted down notes and time consuming, detailed paragraphs. Journals are great to release emotional energy- to spit out whatever it is that you are feeling in an instant, without concern of being misunderstood or judged.


This beautiful little journal will clearly be a wonderful place to let my mind explore endlessly, thanks to some of my favorite quotes from the cover, “Be. Set Intentions. Meditate. Disconnect. Retreat to advance. Reflect. Journal Everyday. Inspire others to manifest their dreams. Read. Lavender and vanilla. Tassels and crystals. Forgive. Eat outdoors. Live in the now. ENJOY YOUR LIFE!”

This little journal also makes a great little gift as the holidays approach, the cold weather sometimes prevents us from connecting with our true selves and can stunt creativity. Cozy up and relax at home with one of these journals and your mind & soul will feel free.

Thanks so much for checking out this post; I seriously recommend making a Tiny Devotion to yourself and checking out this wonderful little shop.

Expand your mind here : Tiny Devotions «

// Printed Tunic by Free People //

Xx, Dyllrose


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