Embrace You-ness

Hey all,

Since we’ve last spoke Spring has been quickly approaching, damn, doesn’t a little sunshine do the soul good? I am so thankful for some change, we’ve all been cooped up in the cold weather for much too long.

Spring is such an amazing time of year, we can finally get back outside and really start to work on ourselves. It’s a great time to begin new projects, clean your room, and start fresh. I think one of the most important parts of spring is regaining your you-ness. After a cold winter we sometimes tend to lose touch with our true self. You would think it would be  the opposite considering we’ve been stuck inside with ourselves- but that’s only because you get so used to your own thoughts that you forget you’re even thinking. what a mouth full.

What I’m trying to say is, what makes you you? I’m not asking what makes you different from the world, or what you think you are best at; I want to know what you enjoy, what you do to find happiness and enjoyment from life. What makes you feel alive? As the world warms up, ask yourself what it is you want from life and go to it with all the love and energy and passion in your body.

Me? I love creating things, beautifying things. I love cleaning my room and perfectly coordinating knick-knacks. I also love putting outfits together, sometimes before I know it I have an entire weeks worth of outfits perfectly hung from a hanger. Oh! and the feelings I get when finding some thrifted  gold? Nothing better. Maybe that doesn’t seem exciting to you, but it’s what makes my heart beat wildly with joy and pride. That warm butterfly feeling feels even better when it comes from something within.

As summer approaches, maybe try something different. Instead of fighting for that perfect summer body, search for that perfect summer mind. Don’t focus on pleasing others, focus on pleasing yourself! Do things for you, create, work, push, explore, and take charge of your life. Explore your passions and deeply invest yourself in the world around you. I urge you all to not waste your time on Earth and to pay attention to every little detail around you. Make this summer a Tiny Devotion to yourself, and it will be the best summer this far.

Thank you all for reading, I wish you all adventures!

(((oh yeah, and…)))

(I’m more than thrilled to have received more goods from Tiny Devotions [bracelet and wrap]. This company is truly incredible and represent such amazing individuals and concepts. check them out!)


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