Thrifted Gold & Denim Cutoff DIY

Hey guys!

Sitting here on this rainy day made me want to share some of my favorite pieces with you all. These two jackets mean a whole lot to me, and were both purchased at Goodwill!


This Jacket was an ordinary denim jacket from goodwill that fit nicely, until I accidentally shredded the back! I was pretty bummed- I always love a good denim jacket. I completely stopped wearing it until I found this amazing piece of fabric. I bought it right away just because of how beautiful it was! Once I got home I saw my ripped jacket and decided they made a perfect match. I simply hand-sticthed the fabric right on top- this was so long ago, long before I knew how to use a sewing machine. It has lasted me about six years now and was one of the first times I altered clothing successfully (it also started my obsession with thrifting lace pieces!!).

This next piece was a recent score, and I mean honestly I can not believe I found it at Goodwill. I spent $15 on this 100% leather dream:


I remember seeing it as it left the stock room and rolled onto the floor and my heart sank!! I ran over to this bohemian wonder and was in disbelief. The beading is my favorite part- it has such intricate decoration.



Another new find I was able to snag about two weeks ago is this awesome little denim romper! I can not wait to pair it with my platform jellies for a springy day in NYC! Usually when I find overalls or rompers they run pretty large, especially at goodwill, but this bad boy is an XS and fits me perfectly!! I was totally ecstatic.


Ok, ready for a fun little Spring-time DIY?


All of these shorts were purchased in the little boy’s section of Goodwill!! Can you believe that?! Zippers on pants intended for boys or men are much longer, which makes them high waisted on little ladies like us! Measure your waist (I’ve been told the length from your elbow to your wrist is equal to the width of your waist- so far it has been pretty accurate). You can try to look up what size in boy’s pants that your waist equals, and then the fun starts!


These three were really easy to make. All I did was trim them to the length I wanted (clearly I wear SHORT shorts!!) and sew on some lacey details. The purple lace on the middle pair of shorts actually came from the collar of some hideous shirt I found. Get creative! You can buy something that you would never wear in a million years as long as you like the fabric! You can recycle old clothing to make it into something awesome!


This lace came from the back of an old shirt- for a while stores like Forever 21 were hugely into tops with crochet backs, which aren’t too tough to find at goodwill- that lace works great for drama.


IMG_9023This pair is interesting to me- I used one panel of fabric on the front and decided to actually remove the back band of the shorts and replace it with a piece of lace taken from a tablecloth.


I found a great lace belt and sewed it along the bottom of these overalls too! They’re a tad big on me but they make me smile 🙂

All of these pairs have been hand-stitched back when I had little to no idea how to sew and they have all survived! So don’t feel like you would never be able to do this- it was super easy and really fun to experiment with old tops and fabrics! Let me know if you get around to trying this project out!

Thanks for reading!



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