Lots of Blue for Spring

Hey friends!! It’s been a long week, ending spitefully with a little bit of snow up north. We are so close to warm weather and I can not wait any longer! I’ve been picking up some amazing spring threads lately, I’m trying to switch things up this season. I am leaning towards a very bohemian spring with lots of color and textures, and platform sandals of course.

Last week I decided to use up all of my leftover blue hair dye. Usually I only use slight accents of blue, on the bottom of my hair. I mixed them all together and ended up with this:


Several of you have asked me about my hair, and are looking for tutorials. I don’t have a video or anything now, but I promise next time I color my hair I will take some how-to photos. I will, however, try and explain it as best as possible. You will need rubber gloves, and any semi-permanent dye of your choice. I recommend Splat, or manic panic. (i mostly use splat for their pinks, and manic panic for their blues.)


Step One: RELAX!! The first time I was dying my hair I was so afraid and nervous. But take a deep breath and remember a few things: This Dye is Semi-Permanent, and will eventually fade. If you are super nervous, start with just the ends of your hair. It will wash out faster and if you SERIOUSLY hate it run it under hot water every day until it is completely gone. (but I have a feeling you will love it!!)


Step Two: I like to wet my hair, but it comes out best when hair is only slightly damp. Adding water allows you to blend colors.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

Step Three: I use an alligator clip to section off my hair. Begin with the under section. Squeeze a large amount of dye into palm and spread onto hair. (NOTE: Get a bunch of crappy towels and old PJ’s, because this will get messy!)


When using multiple colors I really just gauge where I want to emphasize certain colors as I go. With my most recent coloring I did different shades of blue and purple as I moved to different sections. To blend colors successfully put some water on your hands and rub in-between colors.


I usually leave the dye in as long as possible. If possible, put your hair up and sleep with the dye in your hair. It may help to blow dry a few hours after dying so that your hair doesn’t bleed onto your pillowcases!


In the morning, take a shower but try to use the coldest water when rinsing your hair. I also like to add dye to my shampoo and conditioners to add a little color every time I wash, which really helps. This is my first time having a full head of blue hair, but I know from past experience blue tends to wash out into a green- I am adding purple hair dye into my shampoo in the hopes that it will turn into more of a lavender then a green- I’ll keep you guys posted.


Also keep in mind: I am a natural blonde, so my hair takes dye really well. The lighter your hair is the more vibrant the color will be. I recommend having your hair lightened professionally, I am certainly not the one to go to for advice on that!


(my outfit features Free People jeans, SixtySeven platform sandals, and a thrifted white ribbed tee with daisy details thrifted from Goodwill)


In other news: I got another Tattoo!

This was done by Evan Jones, over at First Place Tattoos in Hackettstown NJ. This place was absolutely beautiful, and the guys were all super awesome. Highly recommended, can not wait to go back. Let me know what you think.

I also have one last topic to cover and the is: thrifted belts!


I had a blast at Goodwill last week and was able to score two amazing belts. I only have photos of one, but the other is a black leather belt with a silver clasp that is detailed with Aztec etching, and a hanging silver feather. This one is gold pieces on an elastic band with a big chunky closure.


While it did look a little silly and gaudy in the basket at goodwill, I decided to bring it home and give it a shot and was very pleased with the results! It gives me a good vision of a Coachella inspired summer. I advise you all to try things out, even if they look a little silly on the hanger- you never know!


Hope you all have a good week- talk soon. Xx


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